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Read online or Download A Pre-diabetic's Guide to Stopping the Progression of Diabetes (Full PDF ebook with essay, research paper)
by Thomas Nelson

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If you have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, suspect that you are, or are a member of a family with a history of diabetes this book is for you. It is important that you learn all that you can about diabetes and stop its progression before it manifests as a full blown chronic disease. Once it manifests it's too late to reverse it.

Diabetes manifests because of genetics,lifestyle, and dietary errors. It will manifest when the body's overall health state has degraded to the point of being in survival mode. You can learn what those errors are and how to correct them. Lifestyle and dietary habits have been slowly changing over the past 100 years with a devastating impact on health.

The overwhelming majority of pre-diabetics are diagnosed, given minimal instructions, and sent home. Doctors are not equipped to educate diabetics about what they need to learn about the disease. Diabetes educators are not trained in the glycemic index, which is the most important lesson a diabetic can learn.
When diabetics don’t know what to do, they do nothing, which has very dangerous and unfortunate consequences. Good, helpful, and understandable information on diabetes is very difficult to find. Many books have been written which are an elementary rehash of the obvious. Nutritionists still teach the horribly outdated dietary pyramid, and treat type I and II diabetes the same; which has devastating effects on type II management. Doctors and educators do not have the time to teach you all that you need to know, because your insurance won’t pay for it.

This book provides a step by-step program that is easy to understand, follow, and easy to apply, that will enable you to learn:
•The cause of diabetes. How lifestyle and dietary changes have occurred over the past 100 years that have led to the manifestation of diabetes on a epic scale.
•The diabetes basics. How your body produces glucose, how it enters the bloodstream, how the body manages it, and how diabetes messes with that process. There is more to it than you think.
•How to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how to restore them, a leading cause of diabetes manifestation.
•Learn what amino acids, hormones, and enzymes are, what they do, and why they are so important. How deficiencies and diabetes impact your body’s production, utilization, and management of them, and how to restore them.
•Why diabetics are dehydrated without realizing it, why it impacts control, and how to fix it.
•How to change your diet, what to eat, and what not to eat. Then learn about the glycemic index table, how to use it, and how to develop a balanced meal plan to improve control and weight management.
•How to design an exercise program to manage diabetes, and reverse diabetic damage.
•How diabetes causes weight gain, why diabetes makes weight loss so complicated, and how to finally and permanently lose the stubborn belly fat that drives diabetes, which includes learning how to reprogram your brain to maintain your ideal weight.
•How your immune system works, how diabetes causes an imbalance in your immune system, and how you can re-balance your immune system and restore full function.
•How each of your body’s major organs work, how diabetes damages them, and how to take care of them.
•Learn why diabetics are prone to hypothyroidism, Candida (yeast), and parasite infestations, how to diagnose them, and how to treat them.
•How to lower your risk of heart disease or stroke, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides. Nearly 9 out of 10 diabetics die of heart attack or stroke, and how you can take your name off of the list permanently.
Enable yourself to understand why your body is doing what it is doing, interpret what is causing it to react the way it is, and how to fix it. Equip yourself to discuss your health issues accurately and intelligently with your doctor. This book will become your go to source for helpful information again and again.


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